6th Sep 2020 @ 12:32 pm

Being gorgeous isn’t difficult, but there are basic ways to go about all sorts of things that will make it even easier. Keep things simple, attend to the important stuff and remember that, on Lanzarote, special considerations apply.

How to wash your hair:

  • Put the shower gel away and buy a decent shampoo.
  • Wet hair with lukewarm water.
  • Rub a blob of shampoo the size of a 2p piece into
  • Rub gently, and massage the scalp gently rather
    than rubbing hair together.
  • Don’t worry if there’s not much lather.
  • Rinse hair with water.
  • Repeat with another blob of shampoo.
  • Rinse again, and condition. Conditioner should go
    on the ends of hair.
  • Rinse finally, for at least two minutes.

How to get your beauty sleep

Hydrate. Not at the last minute before bed, but throughout the
day, with fruit and salad vegetables as well as drinks and juices.

Clean and moisturise. Keep face wipes by your bed for
emergency situations,

Go for a firm pillow or sleep on your back to avoid marks
caused by your face pressed against the pillow.

Wear a silk eye-mask, which protects the delicate skin
around the eyes and conserves moisture.

Banish screens and other distractions from the bedroom

Use ambient music, essential oils and meditation to calm
down before beddie-byes.

How to feel amazing

Beauty is in your attitude as much as your looks. Here’s how to feel great so you look great.

Stretch: Roll your shoulders, bend, sway – release muscular tension and relax.

Choose your wardrobe: Take a little more time to plan your outfit. Go shopping for clothes if you need a real pick-up.

Get wet: Water makes us feel good. Take your time in a long shower or luxurious bath. Book a spa session. Jump into the sea.

Say yes: Accept invitations, meet your friends, get outside and mingle.

Declutter: Devote ten minutes each day to tidying up. You’ll feel more organised and positive.

Set goals: Write down your aims on a piece of paper and update your progress each week.

Choose the right people: Don’t waste time on toxic relationships – get out and devote your time to more rewarding folks instead.

Get interested: Find a hobby, lose yourself in a good book, begin a new project. Find zest for life.

How to wear sunglasses

Check for UVA and UVB protection. Cheap supermarket sunglasses won’t offer either.

Polarised lenses eliminate glare. Decide whether you need them or not. If you’re on water or in places with bright white or reflective surfaces, you probably do.

Consider how you’ll use them. If you’re an athlete, you’ll need lighter, tougher glasses. If you’re always going indoors and outdoors, easily removable glasses or graduated lenses may work.

Make sure they cover your eyebrows, and research your face shape before choosing lenses. Buy from an experienced seller, and take a friend along to make sure you don’t make a mistake.

Do wear them. Macular degeneration of the retina and cataracts are both hastened by constant exposure to sunlight.