17th Aug 2020 @ 10:23 am

August is the hottest holiday month on Lanzarote, a scorching time of glorious, intense sunshine and heat. But it’s also a month that needs to be treated with respect. Here’s how to stay healthy and happy when the heat is on.


Hydration is now becoming a way of life for most of us, but on an island where it’s permanently hot, sunny, dry and breezy, you really need to make an effort to keep your moisture levels up. Keep water with you at all times, and top up your levels regularly.


Learn to look for the shade on Lanzarote, or get into the habit of taking it with you in the shape of floaty clothes and wide-brimmed hats. It can be tempting to stay in that incredible sunshine and feel those rays tan every bit of your skin, but remember that your skin, and the rest of you, needs a shady break often.


That barbecue smell is so good it’s hard to resist, and there’s no need to as long as it’s once in a while. Otherwise, make the most of the bounty we’re lucky enough to enjoy here on Lanzarote at this time of year, when you won’t find a better melon, peach, grape or fig anywhere in the world; where crisp green lettuces are packed with flavour; where fish and cheeses offer tasty local protein, and where good food and good living are a way of life.


Exercise is vital to your health and luckily, Lanzarote in August offers all sorts of opportunities to get or stay in shape.

The heat may mean that running or cycling in the middle of the day are only for the hardcore, but the sunrise and sunset are gloriously fresh and enjoyable, while the Atlantic ocean is reaching the peak of warmth which means that, once you jump in you won’t want to get out.

Then there are tennis, golf, paddle boarding, hang gliding, body boarding, hiking, and plenty of other activities that’ll keep you firm.


It’s not just shade that’ll protect you from the sun – a decent pair of sunglasses is essential on Lanzarote, and youll find some fantastic places to buy the latest innovations or fashions. Sunblock is also a must if you’re spending any time outdoors.

It’s not just sun you need to protect against these days, though. Hand washing and distancing will protect you, while mask use will protect others. Before you start moaning about your freedom being infringed, remember that it’s not all about you.


That siesta the Spanish are supposed to take in the afternoon is planned exactly for heat like this, when only tourists and lizards venture out in the early afternoon sun. A short nap will recharge your batteries for those long warm summery evenings.

Viral Etiquette

Although laws exist to enforce certain measures against the coronavirus, it’s becoming clearer that it’s quickly becoming a matter of social etiquette, as well.

Visitors from the UK will quickly learn that mask use is far more widespread here, and you’re pretty much expected to put one on every time you enter a shop or enclosed indoor area. In a crowded outdoor area, you may also be expected to mask up. Get into the habit of carrying a mask everywhere, and pausing to see if shops are at or over their permitted limit before you enter.