October marks a sporting turnaround on Lanzarote. The swimming competitions of the summer months come to a spectacular culmination with the crossing from Lanzarote to La Graciosa before the focus turns fully to land-based action, with the Ironman 70.3, the Ocean Lava Race and the Lanzarote Marathon all just round the corner.

But whether you’re pounding the promenades, pumping pedals, swimming through the waves, wielding a tennis racquet or swinging a golf club, there isn’t a month of the year better to do it in on Lanzarote than October. The sunlit days are warm, the breeze is fresh and cool, the water is as warm as it gets and the light evenings continue until the end of the month. Here are a few great keep fit ideas to make the most of the golden time of year.

Trail Running

Trail running is a rugged, challenging variation on running that will take you off road and up and down some of Lanzarote’s most spectacular volcanoes. You’ll find plenty of devotees of off-road running here, which is good news as the hostile terrain means this isn’t really something you’ll want to tackle alone.


A season when the sea is at its calmest is perfect to try the uniquely serene and tranquil pastime of paddleboarding. Standing upright on a special board, you can discover beautiful coastal areas of Lanzarote, see beneath the waves and build core strength.


Yoga on Lanzarote encompasses everything from the most classical styles and asanas to fascinating and fun modern variations such as floating yoga or hot yoga. Whichever style you choose, you’ll quickly discover that Lanzarote offers the perfect spiritual vibe for yoga.

Gyms And Trainers

October means the holidays and fiestas of summer are finally over and it’s time to get back into a routine. So why not join a gym or hire a personal trainer?

Regular fitness classes with friends or a trainer will give you the motivation that can be hard to come by as the evenings draw in, and just imagine reaching the Christmas period in the best possible condition…

Canarian Bowling

You’ll often find a long, rectangular gravel-covered Canarian bowls pitch outside the local village hall (often known as a Sociedad or Teleclub), and if you ask it may be possible to arrange a game. The rules are simple, and roughly similar to British bowling, and it’s a hugely popular form of light exercise with older locals, who take their island- wide tournaments very seriously.

Martial Arts

Boxing and karate have millions of followers around the world, and Lanzarote is no exception, but here you’ll also find Brazilian capoeira, kickboxing, taekwando, MMA and even the local Canarian art of stick fighting and wrestling. Meanwhile, judo and tai chi attract more spiritually minded practitioners.


A magnificent way to discover Lanzarote’s coast and improve balance, core fitness and upper body strength, kayaking is booming in popularity on Lanzarote. Some combine it with fishing; others mix it up with surfing, while others prefer to just paddle easily around. Serene and satisfying, give it a try!