13th Jan 2022 @ 1:49 pm

The sunny southern town of Playa Blanca is a favourite amongst older tourists and families who look for a fun yet relaxed holiday. The town is a perfect weekend getaway for those that want a balance of tranquility and liveliness.

By far the busiest part of Lanzarote on a weekend, or sunny afternoons, would be the seafront. Although that isn’t always the case.

From the hours of 6am until approximately 11am, Playa Blanca’s seafront slowly wakes up and you’ll often see morning walkers and joggers exercising along the coast.

For sportspersons or those that like walking with a view, the walk starting at the lighthouse in Faro park can be adjusted to your preference. The walk from the lighthouse to the port takes roughly just under an hour, at a good walking pace, but you can turn that into a 2 hour walk should you choose to walk to the Marina Rubicon and grab a coffee at one of the many cafes.

And don’t forget that from the Marina Rubicon, you are just a stones throw away from the luscious beaches.


You can choose to drive to Papagayo Beach, or you could walk up from the outskirts of Las Coloradas for a stunning view over the various beaches. Which beach you choose is up to you, there are the long stretches of Playa Mujeres to the smaller and more private mini-beaches of Playa Caleton del Cobre and Playa Caleton San Marcial.

If beaches aren’t your style and you prefer rock pools and jagged outcrops then the natural pools of Los Charcones are for you. Quite a ways out from the town itself, you will need to take a right at the first round about past the H10 Rubicon Palace in Faro park.

Follow this road all the way up to the waste plant, take a left and then the first right which will lead you onto a dirt track to the abandoned hotel. Park up, get your suncream, towels and water bottles from the car boot and walk about 20m to the rock pools.


There’s many places to shop in Playa Blanca. The street behind the seafront offers many different clothing shops from big clothing chains to smaller, more bohemian clothing outfits.

If you’re looking for designer options then the Marina Rubicon is the place to be, you can find all sorts of designer clothing brands in the Marina as well as the Marina Rubicon Shop & Fun shopping centre. Don’t forget that there is also a twice weekly market in the Marina where some stalls also sell handmade dresses and shoes.

To Eat

The town has a wide range of different cuisines, Italian, Asian and Indian being the most popular.

The seaside town does have plenty of Spanish owned restaurants too, which offer many tapas options and paella dishes to share at a table.

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