6th Sep 2020 @ 12:47 pm

There are dozens of ways to dine on Lanzarote, and all of them are possible in September on Lanzarote. It’s the mellowest and kindest of all months, and a season when it’s a pleasure to get out and discover all the flavours and experiences that the island has to offer.

The market stall

At this time of year local markets, shops and supermarkets are spilling over with freshly-grown produce. This is the time of year when soft fruit such as peaches, plums, nectarines and those delicious little flat peaches called paraguayos are at their very best. You’ll also find sweet late season grapes and melons that have ripened to sweet, honeyed perfection.

Then there are crisp, fresh lettuces of several varieties, from the “donkey’s ear” romaine lettuces that are standard on the island, to crinkly red and green radicchios, lamb’s lettuce, spinach leaves, rocket and lollo rosso. These can be heightened with herbs including chives, thyme, basil, parsley, coriander and sage.

The terrace meal

Whether it’s a seafood platter served in the glittering afternoon sunshine with blue sky and white surf in view, or a full English on a warm patio in mid-morning; Lanzarote seems to have been specially designed for eating outdoors on a terrace.

In fact, the coronavirus crisis has only seemed to increase the island’s reliance on terrace dining, with many preferring to go in the open air than venture indoors, and local authorities allowing establishments to extend their terrace space.

Café en la calle

Coffee in the street is a Spanish tradition that will never die. It’s a welcome break during a busy morning’s shopping; it’s the chance to chat with a friend or acquaintance; it’s a moment to gather your thoughts and just be in the moment# its a fascinating few minutes of people-watching, and it’s also an opportunity to recharge your batteries with a sweet snack or even a plate of tapas.

It’s the height of civilization, so stop and catch up with life.

The backyard barbie

Throw your own barbecue, or find a restaurant that does a grill – but the fragrance and flavour of freshly-grilled meat, seafood and veggies is unbeatable. It’s also a cultural staple of the island’s Argentinian and Uruguayan communities, as well as a staple of the local fiestas that have sadly been cancelled this year.

If you’re throwing your own barbecue, why not go a little further than sausages and burgers and splash out on some fantastic seafood or a sumptuous steak. If you’re looking for a grill for lunch or dinner, just follow your nose.

A touch of class

Lanzarote does the sit-down semi-formal meal brilliantly, and for a special evening out, you’re spoilt for choice. Be shown to your table, seat yourself in front of crisp linen and crystalware, peruse an exquisitely-assembled menu and listen to the waiter’s recommendations, raise your glass to your companion and look forward to the culinary treat that’s on it’s way.