24th Jun 2020 @ 12:18 pm

Lanzarote Tour guide David Penney shows us an alternative route to the Llanos de Maguéz path.

First published in Gazette Life, June 1st 2020.

While you are in the village of Maguéz you may want to continue to the northern edge of the village and start another short walk. Or it can be an easy walk for another day.

You can park in front of the Depósito Estación de Bombeo (water pumping station ).You can now follow the GR 131 trail which is part of the Camino Natural which runs from Órzola to Playa Blanca.

This is a linear walk of 3km each way. A walk of 6km return should only take about 90 minutes, although it is not a race.

It’s not totally flat but it certainly is an easy and non-challenging short walk. Just simply stay on this track as you can’t get lost as it is well sign posted with the burgundy markers.

After less than 1km into your walk you will see a large aljibe on your left beside the track, an aljibe is an Arabic word which means an underground or man made water holding tank. It is a very common sight in the farming regions of Lanzarote as it is used to collect rain water. I opened the hatch on this one and it is less that 1/4 full.

The view to our right is spectacular as we look back over to the east coast.

You are deep into farming territory here, with the land being worked by several different families, some grow their own produce to support themselves and others supply the local farmers markets.

Many of the fields are filled with local produce of maize, figs, onions, prickly pear cactus, and vines displaying the early growth of the malvasia grapes.

Continue along the track as it passes by the base of Monte Corona on our left, until we reach the LZ 202 road in front of us. Here we get a good view looking up to the Torrecilla de Domingo, this is the “castellated house” – a well-known landmark to thousands of tourists who drive up to Mirador del Rio. At this point we turn round and follow the same track back to the car.

This walk could be combined with a stop off for tapas at the nearby local places or a nice drive to get you out of the tourist resorts and walk in an area away from the crowds without the probability of seeing many other people.

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