20th Apr 2021 @ 9:37 am

Bringing your vehicle from Britain to the canaries has never been easy, but Brexit has now added another dimension to the process.

People bring their own vehicles from the UK to Lanzarote for various reasons. It may be part of a land-and-sea move to the island, involving a drive through France and Spain, and a ferry journey from Cádiz; it may be a much-beloved vehicle or an expensive asset, but there are still several residents who have made this decision.

Now however, it’s a decision that is likely to cost a good deal more than it did previously. Lisa Gillitt of UK Autos deals with this situation all the time, and told us it’s vital for everyone to be fully informed of the financial implications of importing a vehicle before they start.

One of the main expenses is custom agent’s fees, which have risen from 13.5 % to 15% of the vehicle’s value (which is assessed by the Canarian tax office). However, the UK’s third country status following Brexit now means another 10% will be levied on top of that.

A registration tax on imported vehicles will be due at the Tráfico Department, and the level of this depends on the CO2 output of the engine, with lower rates starting at 3.75% and rising to 13.75%.

If a vehicle is only visiting the Canaries, you only get 60 days stay – 30 if you’re a resident. After that it must be registered, or will be subject to a fine.

There are also strict technical requirements for the vehicle to pass the ITV test. These include information on the fabrication plate/sticker, headlights and rear lights and approval of any substantial changes to the vehicle.

Lisa also stresses that these requirements can change with little notice. The information given here is currently correct, but that cannot be guaranteed in future.

No one said it was going to be easy, but now it’s absolutely vital to know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for, and expert advice is essential.

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