4th Aug 2021 @ 10:19 am

The tuna you get in tins is usually skipjack tuna, known here as bonito listado. But on Lanzarote the fresh fish, line- caught locally, is available right now at incredible prices.

All you have to do is choose your fish and ask the assistant to prepare it for you. You pay for the weight of the whole fish, which at less than €2 a kilo should be around €5-€6.

We recommend asking for it “sin piel, en cuatro lomos”, which will get you four skinless fillets that are roughly the same size and shape as a Toblerone bar. You can ask to keep the head (cabeza) and tail (cola) too, which will give you (or your cat) even more pleasure. These fillets have a darker streak called the bloodline, that some prefer to remove.

They can be quickly seared in a hot skillet, but you can also cut them into chunks for the  tasty Basque stew called marmitako. They’re also fresh enough to eat raw if you fancy sashimi , a Hawaiian poké bowl or a Peruvian ceviche dish, in which raw or briefly flash-fried chunks are  marinated with citrus juice, red onion, peppers, avocado and coriander.

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