21st Sep 2020 @ 10:03 am

This strange and bewildering year saw children leave their schools for lockdown in March. Half a year later they’ll return to a very different scenario, but certain things will remain the same. Here’s how to ensure everything’s in place for the new school year.

First published in Gazette Life, September 1st 2020.

Check your child is registered

Give the school a buzz and ensure that your children are registered for the new school year. This should have been done before the summer, but there was the little problem of the lockdown then.

Meals and transport

Find out what provision for school meals and school transport is available early on. There should be room for everyone in the dining room and bus, but you know how it is.

Get uniforms

Find out what uniforms and sports equipment are required. Some schools and some age groups don’t need them at all. The school will often provide recommended suppliers, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around elsewhere.

Text books

Spanish schools charge parents for text books and materials. This bill arrives at the start of the first term and will usually account for at least €200. There are grants available for poorer families, but you need to get on that right away.


Spanish schoolkids often resemble wartime refugees , carrying immensely heavy backpacks of books on their shoulders. You’ll need a strong, tough bag; and you’ll also need to get some tough footwear for kids, especially younger ones. Lanzarote does not go easy on shoe leather at the best of times.

Check ups

Book an appointment with your child’s pediatrician to ensure all jabs are up-to-date and the kid’s in good health. It’s also a great idea to book dentists and optician’s appointments.