25th Jul 2021 @ 11:16 am

Lucy Clark was trapped in a traffic jam on the M6 when the idea that changed her life arrived. Lucy had been thinking of starting up a business, but didn’t know exactly which niche to aim for. As she pondered, she looked to one side and saw an artificial grass van in the next lane.

Lucy has a degree in polymer science and technology, and had already worked with several types of plastics, learning their properties. Arriving in the Canaries with her two young children, she discovered their property had a large patio that she didn’t want to tile over, and shortly it was fitted with artificial grass.

Since then Green As Grass has gone from strength to strength, providing artificial grass to all seven Canary Islands. “It’s my third baby,” says Lucy. “I’ve nurtured it, encouraged it and grown it here.” In that time, Lucy has built up contacts with suppliers and installers and improved the company through sheer determination. “We always do a proper job,” she says, and the result is an immensely loyal client list.

The products Lucy uses are of the highest quality and comes from Belgium. A 10-year guarantee is offered but, Lucy says “It lasts much longer.” Lucy has sole exclusivity for these products.

Lucy’s technical background means that she and her team know how the grass performs under all sorts of conditions, and they also have years of experience on the Canaries, and know the conditions and demands of the environment here backwards.

The grass can be installed onto any surface – Lucy often jokes that if a client stands still for long enough, she’ll grass them over, too – and despite the name of the company, green isn’t the only colour available if you fancy a quirky touch. It’s non – slip, and perfect for kids, although pets love it, too, and most importantly, it’s low-maintenance.

With unmatchable product knowledge, customer service and sheer passion, Green As Grass.

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