Out to lunch

In Spain they take lunch seriously. And if you want to set yourself up for the rest of the day, it's worth discovering the options.

Standing tall

Statues have been big news in the UK recently, as the government passes new laws to stop them being “cancelled”, but what are the chances of Lanzarote's monuments being torn down?

Cats & the law

Canarian animal rights activists are up in arms about proposals for a new Canarian Biodiversity Law that they claim would allow the hunting of unmarked cats in designated hunting zones.

The 90-day trap

Ron Gibbs reports on the campaign to give UK citizens the right to spend 180 days a year in Spain visa-free, as EU citizens are able to do in the UK.

Tin sailors

Jolateros are an emblem of Arrecife. These brightly-painted little tin boats are still an essential part of the capital's fiestas, and the survival of this tradition is down to one man.

Garlic Paradise

Garlic is an absolute essential ingredient on Lanzarote – so all-pervasive and universal that it's hardly ever mentioned. If you're a fan, you're in paradise; if not, it's time to acquire the taste. And if you're a vampire - tough.