Punta Mujeres to Jameos del Agua

Tour guide David Penney leads a group along some of the islands prettiest and wildest coastline, shaped by the eruption of Volcán de la Corona 3,000 years ago.

César’s logos

The designs of César Manrique have not just transformed the island; they have also been key in marketing it, with a series of logos that continue to define the island’s tourist image.

Digging deep

The abandoned quarries of Lanzarote offer a clue to traditional building methods, as well as the recent history of the island.

Flying back to the past

Lanzarote's Museo Aeronáutico (Airport Museum) is passed by thousands of cars daily, but only a few end up exploring this fascinating place. That's a shame, because it's a little gem – a step back in time to Lanzarote's earliest days as an air destination.

Lanzarote Flavours

Chefs, wine-makers, bakers, farmers and other food producers all laid out their stalls last November for the island's biggest food fair – Cocinas Volcánicas.

Canarian icons

When people talk about Canarian food and drink, they're not always referring to fresh fish, gofio and local wine. Several Canarian companies produce mass market products that are well-known to everyone on the islands. Here are a few of them...