19th Aug 2020 @ 10:49 am

Simon Turner has been creating Land Art for over six years. Last year he took part in the Festival de Arte in Órzola and designed a large-scale piece of art for the event. Currently, Simon is looking forward to start creating art again post-lockdown. Shay Rourke spoke to him.

When did you start to create beach art, Simon?

I created my first Land Art in March 2014. It was small compared to my more recent pieces and was drawn on a beach in Southport. I created it with the help of my partner not long after we had become a couple. I find it quite therapeutic to draw lines in the sand.

Did you start smaller and get larger?

At first, they were just a couple of metres square, but at the time that felt and looked quite big to me. My art has become bigger and bigger since moving to Lanzarote as I live near the beach. My whole lifestyle has changed since moving here. I’ve been able to give myself more time to focus on my designs.

How do you create your Land Art?

I never plan the designs. They are decided on the beach, as I rake. The design and scale of the pieces change depending on the beach size, tide, weather and sunbathers. They are often site-specific, I try to take in the surrounding landscape, clouds and existing marks in the sand and the design follows suit.

What is the Festival de Arte?

The Festival is an annual contemporary, international art festival organised by Lacuna Festivals and directed by my partner, Sarah-Jane.

It must have been an exciting experience for you.

It was quite out of my comfort zone. I had to work with the audience to create the piece, something I’d never done before. Normally I don’t like to announce where and when I create my Land Art. Some works will be seen by many people, others won’t be seen by anyone before they are washed away by the rising tide.

What did you think of the piece when it was complete?

I was quite happy with it. A friend took a picture of me in the middle of the artwork which really showed the scale of the works I can create now. You can’t tell how large the piece is when you are looking at it from ground level.

Are you looking forward to resuming your art again now that the lockdown is over?

Yes, I’m looking forward to getting back and drawing again, and seeing where my artwork takes me in the future. I was frustrated during the lockdown as I lived so close to the sea, yet I could not visit it!

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