12th Jun 2020 @ 10:54 am

The lockdown may be easing off, but there’s still very little live music going on. Still. that hasn’t stopped the fantastic musicians on Lanzarote doing their very best to continue to share their music with you. There are still watch parties and online concerts taking place.

What type of music do you perform?

Mostly country, 70s, 80s and my favourite – classic rock.

How are you keeping going with your music?

At the moment I’m trying to source and rehearse a few new songs for my set.

What message do you have for your friends, family and fans?

I hope EVERYONE stays safe and healthy until we can all meet again and share the good times to come. Special thoughts and love to all my family and friends.

How did you start out in music?

I started singing as a toddler and was singing in pubs and clubs from about 14 years old. I joined my first band called White Diamond at that age (we have remained lifelong friends). So, I have been performing for 43 years.

Do you have any tips for beginners?

Practice, practice, and watch other professionals to help hone your craft.

What are you missing about not playing live gigs?

The fun and banter I have with my audience. People having a great time and going away with fab memories of a good night out makes me so happy.

Is there any venue in particular that you miss playing in?

I miss all my lovely venues. I work with some great owners/managers and fun staff. I can’t wait to be back entertaining at The Shamrock and Hollywood in Costa Teguise and Las Calas in Puerto del Carmen.

How do people watch or contact you?

OK, you lovely people, please visit me at my FB page Jill T – Vocalist. Also, catch me for my FFS (Friday Fix at Six) live each week. Pop on, say Hi and enjoy some giggles and a few songs.