8th Jun 2020 @ 11:22 am

The lockdown may be easing off, but there’s still very little live music going on. Still, that hasn’t stopped the fantastic musicians on Lanzarote doing their very best to continue to share their music with you. There are still watch parties and online concerts taking place.

Last month we asked several Lanzarote artists how they were dealing with lockdown, and published some of their answers. But there were many more, so here are a few more lockdown Q&As from some familiar faces. We’ve also included their social media details so you can check out any videos you might have missed.

What type of music do you perform?

Something for everyone and some of my own songs.

How are you keeping going with your music?

I do a live show every other night on Facebook at 7pm GMT.

What message do you have for your friends, family and fans?

We are all in this together and if you’re struggling, I will help you if I can.

Which artists inspire you the most?

At this time, I’m inspired by my fellow musicians that are entertaining us for free. Well done all of you.

How did you start out in music?

It’s in my blood. I had a band when I was 14 years old.

Do you have any tips for beginners?

Practice, be passionate and follow your dream.

What are you missing about not playing live gigs?

Not having the interaction with the audience is killing me.

Is there any venue in particular that you miss playing in?

The Flagship. I always had a great night there. And playing in The Smokin’ Barrels with Martin keeping me in time.

What’s your lockdown song?

I have written two songs which I play at my online gigs. One is about the experience of lockdown and the other is about what we have done to the world.

How do people watch or contact you?

My Facebook and YouTube are Adrian Bambrough and I have a website www.adrianbambrough.com.