8th Oct 2020 @ 11:04 am

During lockdown, Audrey Leclert was classed as an “essential worker”, which allowed her to keep busy with her pet food deliveries and dog training throughout lockdown. Shay Rourke discovers how she kept on top of things with help from her daughter and her rescue dogs.

This year has been crazy and unpredictable. How did you and your daughter deal with lockdown?

I was extremely fortunate to fall into the “essential workers” category, as I was selling pet food and could move around to work. My daughter found it a little harder: no school, no friends and mum working. However, we knew that we had it better than others. We are lucky enough to have a large garden and the dogs to keep us busy.

There are a lot of dogs in the first picture! How did you manage to control 8 dogs at once?

“Leading the pack” is not just about controlling the group, it is more about confidence. My dogs are powerful and have been rescued, so they came with difficult issues. With the bond that we share, only I can lead them.

In the first picture, half of the dogs are mine. The boxers and the two smaller dogs were with me for “educational boarding” to work on their issues. They are making good progress.

You mentioned that your dogs possess qualities. Does that help you?

It does! Ice does help, but he isn’t the only one. Anga is an alpha, and helps with keeping the aggressive dogs calm. Lastly, Nino brings out the playfulness in timid dogs to relax them in the group.

The second picture shows your daughter on an upside-down bathtub in the countryside. When was this picture taken?

That picture was taken a couple months ago. We stumbled across some junk that had been discarded there. At first, I wasn’t happy about it as it spoils the landscape. However, I saw it being played with and people finding an opportunity for photographs. It’s still not nice to see, but it’s good to see people making the best of a bad situation.

For me I think that sums up Lanzarote. Great nature with the odd problem, but we can make the best of it!

Are you looking forward to life getting back to normal?

Certainly! Throughout the lockdown my clients have been very loyal and supportive, I would like for them to go back to “normality” also. It’s not a secret that a lot of people have suffered because of the economical crisis. The “new normality” is not normal, I’ve seen a lot of speculation and fear. I think we would all like to start seeing us united, strong, and positive!

Thanks, Audrey!

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