14th Jan 2021 @ 2:20 pm

In 2020, Kevin Caton of the Las Palmeras Golf Society has managed to achieve what very few golfers ever do: an incredible 12 shots drop in his handicap in just 7 months! Jean-François Crinquand meets him.

Kevin, what can you tell us about yourself?

I’m originally from the Lake District in the UK and work as a sales director in the aluminium industry. I love living in Lanzarote and am passionate about golf.

Where do you live and why Lanzarote?

I have a long-term rent at the Sands Beach Resort in Costa Teguise. I was attracted to the island because of the fantastic year-round weather and the slow pace of life.

We often see you riding a trail bike….

I am a keep fit enthusiast and go everywhere by bike, which certainly keeps me fit and healthy. I like the freedom that a bike offers you and Lanzarote is the best place in the world to cycle.

Now let´s talk about your amazing drop in handicap. What happened?

The first time that I played with the Society was on March 10th 2020. I had a certified 20 handicap from Workington Golf Club on the edge of the Lake District. On that day I only scored 22 points in Stableford because the Costa Teguise course is so challenging! Five days later, on March 15th, Lanzarote entered a strict lockdown for two months and I didn´t play golf again at the Costa Teguise course until May 15th. However, I was fortunate to be living where I do, as I was able to make great use of the in-house facilities and could practice my chipping and putting daily!

When did you start winning the Society´s weekly competition?

Amazingly, I had a few wins and second places soon after we returned to the course in May, scoring points in the mid-30s.

What is your handicap today and what is your goal for next year?

I now have a handicap of 8.1. My goal for 2021 is to carry on reducing my handicap, hopefully going below 5. That´s my challenge!

And now, Kevin, what everybody wants to know: what is your secret for such an achievement?

Practice, practice, practice! I usually play three competitive rounds of golf every week and I practice on the remaining days of the week. I spend hours on the driving range sometimes hitting up to 1,000 balls in a session. I strongly believe the harder you work, the better results you get. It works for me!

Thank you, Kevin and the very best of luck for 2021.