Light Fixes

Beauty experts have always known about the importance of lighting. A flattering mirror in a changing room or make-up counter can increase sales considerably, and light is the key to every photo-shoot and catwalk show.

On Lanzarote, light is everywhere – sun-drenched daylight that’s life-affirming, joyous and inspirational – but it’s also honest. It will make every blemish on your face and limbs plainly visible, cast shadows on lines and wrinkles and highlight the tone, texture and colour of your skin, teeth and hair. So how do you hide the bad bits and let the good bits shine?

On Lanzarote your skin will be on display all the time, and a lot more of it will be out in the open. This means that you need to pay real attention to keeping it in great condition. Hydrate, moisturise, scrub, peel or get a facial, but ensure your skin is always zinging with life and health. Read more...

 A tan looks natural and healthy, but keep it to a minimum, and ensure you’ve got plenty of sunblock products at hand for day-to-day use.

If you do have blemishes, spots or other defects, you’ll have to decide whether you want to conceal them or just live with them. A sheer foundation will help, but take time to ensure it’s evenly applied overall.

The bright sunlight here can often cause squinting and narrowing of the eyes – great if you’re Clint Eastwood, not so great for the delicate skin around your eyes. The first solution is sunglasses, which are absolutely vital for Lanzarote living, so you might as well have a few fashionable, attractive pairs to choose from. The second solution is to watch the sun and try and keep it behind you as much as possible – especially if you’re choosing a seat on a restaurant terrace.
Make-up wise, the eyes have it. A bit of time defining, shading and making your eyes look fantastic will draw attention away from other defects and really finish off your look.

We all make the most of circumstances, and seeking flattering light is one of those tricks it pays to learn on Lanzarote.
In the daytime stay out of direct overhead light, which causes deep shadows on your face. Better to find a shady corner with no blinding glare in your view.
In the evening, low-angled sunlight is much more flattering, but keep the setting sun behind or to one side.
After dark, learn a little about lighting. Avoid places with harsh neon light or unforgiving halogen lamps. Look for softer LED lights or low-wattage bulbs, and ensure you’re seated in a place where they bathe you in a soft light to your full advantage. Best of all is candlelight, still the most flattering and romantic of lighting techniques.

Your hair’s biggest enemy on Lanzarote will be the dreaded frizz – caused by sun, dry breezes and exposure to seawater or the chemicals you find in pools. Once again, prevention is far better than cure, so give your hair some regular TLC with rich, nutritious conditioners and don’t be afraid to tie it up in a bun or a back in a ponytail.