Savour Summer

Summertime whets our appetite and makes dining a genuine pleasure. It’s a time when eating, drinking, laughing, socialising and just making the most of life comes into its own.

Why does food taste better in the open air? Is it the sunshine, the scenery or the fresh air itself? Or is it perhaps the memories of picnics, barbecues and holiday meals that we’ve enjoyed in the past? Whatever the reason, there’s something undeniably exciting about eating in the open, and on Lanzarote in the summer, eating in the open is a way of life.

The locals know this better than anyone, of course, and during the summer months you’ll see plenty enjoying sun-kissed social lunches or open air grills. But the tourist industry also knows the appeal of outdoor dining, which is why almost every restaurant or bar offer space outside for you to enjoy your meal al fresco.

Whether your meal takes place on a terrace dappled with sun and shade at the height of the day, or as the sun gently sinks in the west, there’s every opportunity to enjoy great food the way humans first enjoyed it – together, in the open air.