Naturally Healthy

Lanzarote is the perfect place to live a healthy, hearty lifestyle, and this time of year allows you to enjoy fantastic food, natural health and outdoor living to the maximum.

In recent years we’ve become used to a concept of health that brings body and soul into harmony. There is a vast amount of medical research that shows that our mental state is every bit as important as our physical condition, and issues such as stress, depression and anger are being taken increasingly seriously.

However, health trends are now extending beyond the limits of our own bodies, and we’re increasingly beginning to see the environment that surrounds us as vital to our own well-being.
Environmental health looks at the places we live in and the effect they have on both our physical and mental health.

It’s a philosophy that’s perfectly suited to Lanzarote, an island that has been awarded Biosphere Reserve status for the way it blends nature with human presence, and it’s also reflected in the work of the “Father of Lanzarote”, César Manrique, who saw nature as fundamental to human well-being and education.

Is there anything more depressing than finding your perfect spot on the beach ruined by litter and trash? Lanzarote is rapidly learning that holiday makers are fed up with finding plastic, cans and paper strewn around, and that has recently extended to the cigarette ends that can be found on every beach. Read more...


The island has seen campaigns aiming at zero plastic use, and now everyone’s used to either paying for plastic bags or bringing their own. There’s a lot left to do, but it’s important to realise that living a low-impact lifestyle is not just about improving your immediate environment – it’s about living life in an ethical way, too.

We now know what the effect of our lifestyles has on the world around us, and it’s up to every one of us to do our bit to help. Once you make an effort, you’ll feel better about yourself, and when you feel better about yourself, your health improves, too.

Lanzarote is also wide open to the idea of natural health and fitness. This is an island where you don’t need a cycling machine, a treadmill or a swimming pool when you’ve got cycle paths, seafront promenades and sea lagoons galore.

Natural, ancient, time-tested activities and treatments such as yoga or massage need minimal equipment – just the wisdom and skill of an expert and enough space to breathe and relax comfortably. This idea of simplicity and natural health has also shown itself in fitness routines such as pilates.

Lanzarote’s diet is famously light and healthy, packed with fresh fish, fruit, veg, pulses, fibre and organic produce. And this time of year is when that diet comes into its own, as the ocean provides delicious oily fish and soft fruits reach a peak of fragrant ripeness. This is the month to keep your eyes peeled for fresh local grapes – the sweetest and most delicious you’ll ever taste, while figs, melons, peaches and plums are also at their very best.

And don’t forget that, nowadays, this is an island where vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are no longer regarded as strange. In fact, the smartest grocery shop and restaurant owners have fully embraced these ways of living.