Window Power!

On Lanzarote, windows deserve careful consideration and wise investment. Choosing correctly will bring peace of mind and comfortable living.

Wander around any rural village in Lanzarote and you’ll soon see tumbledown traditional houses that have long been abandoned. In Haría, for example, they’re everywhere. Now look closer and see how the wooden windows and doors deteriorate without maintenance. Charming they may be, but wood is increasingly a material of the past for the most important home fittings.

Nowadays, modern materials such as PVC and aluminium offer much more durable alternatives, in a wide range of colours and styles. This is important for several reasons:

First, brand new, professionally fitted windows offer control. You can throw them open to let the sun shine in and allow fresh air into every corner of your home, or you can shut them tight when the wind blows or the rain comes down. With shutters you can have even more control over light and ventilation, and curtains and blinds also increase your options – but the most important thing is that they’re tough and tight.

Secondly, strong windows offer security. If you’re leaving your property empty, you’ll want to know it’s secure, and windows are usually the first option that intruders look at. An alarm system can help, too, but first and foremost you want potential burglars to look at your home and quickly decide it just isn’t worth the bother.

Finally, windows offer privacy on an island where there’s always the possibility of passers-by. Slatted shutters and light curtains can keep prying eyes out of your interior, and allow you to live your life in freedom and intimacy.

Always choose reliable, safety tested window glass. Lanzarote’s wind means that unsecured windows can sometimes slam shut accidentally, and full- length patio windows often come in for knocks and bangs that smaller windows don’t receive. If you have kids living in or visiting your property, safety glass is absolutely paramount.