Soul Food

Dining in Lanzarote is an experience for the body and the soul; a sensual delight that feeds your mind as well as your stomach.

Mind Matters
When dining, your most important organ is your brain. Before you swallow a single mouthful, you’ll already be digesting delightful sensual input: the aroma of cooking food, the sound of sea and clinking cultery, the sight of blue skies, ocean horizons and gorgeously presented dishes and the feel of the breeze on bare skin. A drink will bring more enticing fragrances, ice-cool sensations and flavours into play, and once your order arrives, you’ll be perfectly prepared to enjoy textures that are crisp, crunchy, smooth and buttery and flavours that speak of the sea, the soil and the beautiful island you’re lucky enough to be on.

Health Matters
Lanzarote’s outdoor lifestyle lends itself to light, healthy eating, and there’s no shortage of that on an island where fresh fish, crisp vegetables, ripe fruit and locally made cheese are available everywhere.

But current trends in dining are also well represented here. No longer do vegetarians or vegans get blank stares when they state their preference; and if you’re lactose or gluten intolerant, an increasing amount of establishments will also cater to your needs.

Taking a seat at a table is always a pleasure, but somehow that joy is enhanced when you’ve come from a good stroll along a beach or promenade, a bracing swim in the sea or just an outing to one of Lanzarote’s attractions. Your appetite is sharpened, and you feel like you really deserve the pleasures that lie ahead of you. Read more...


Celebrate In Style
On Lanzarote, food was associated with celebration long before tourists arrived looking for that unforgettable dining experience. This is an island where locals have never needed much of an excuse to break out the wine, fire up the barbecue and laugh, talk and simply enjoy being social. If there’s a guitar around, so much the better.

Just visit the Charco in Arrecife on any Friday or Saturday evening and you’ll see what it’s all about – the buzz, the chatter, the music, the smiles and laughter, the drinks and, of course, plate after plate of delicacies to be savoured, shared and commented on.

Exactly the same thing happens in the resorts, as holiday makers head out to dine – every one of them anticipating much more than just a full belly.

Adventure And Comfort
Lanzarote rewards adventurous eaters. Generations of tourists have tried dishes that they’d never consider at home, and begun a lifetime of discovering new and fascinating flavours. And that continues today, with brilliant chefs who are creating new combinations and expertly reinterpreting old classics. The influences here are global, from India to South America, from Japan to Africa which lies just 100 miles away, but they’re also local, part of a cuisine that has always welcomed the new.

Comfort eating is also well catered for. Whether it’s a taste of home, something sweet and consoling, or just the sort of cheerful fast food that fits into your busy day, there’s plenty to warm the cockles here.