Hit the Beach

On Lanzarote, you’re here to enjoy yourself, and in the summer that will usually mean the beach or the poolside.

The pressure to be “beach body ready” has been criticised for good reasons – starving yourself, surviving on dodgy protein shakes and asking your body to do unrealistic things is only going to lead to misery. But most of us could benefit from a healthier, fitter lifestyle, and early summer’s a great time to start. Remember that you’re doing it for yourself first of all, and prepare to be surprised by how great you feel.

Work it out
Getting in shape isn’t just about hard running or swimming. Endurance and stamina are great for your health and toning, but you’ll also need to pay attention to the aspects of strength and flexibility.

When weight lifting, push yourself with fewer repetitions and heavier weights, rather than several reps with lighter weights. Developing strength will build muscle and help lose weight. And don’t forget that core – the very basis of all you do.
For flexibility, yoga is still a perfect technique, with all sorts of variations available on the island, from classic forms such as hatha and ashtanga and modern developments like hot yoga, yin yoga or acroyoga.

Eat right
We’re currently undergoing a massive revolution in diet, and there’s no better place than Lanzarote to make the most of it.
To get in great shape for summer, cut down on the beiges and whites – bread, pasta, rice and other refined carbohydrates – and commit yourself to colour in your diet. Any fruit and veg counter here is a riot of colour, offering you plenty of possibilities. Read more...


Above all, ease back on sugar and discover fruit juices, water and herbal teas to keep yourself hydrated and your skin firm and supple.

Hair, teeth, nails
These are your body’s accessories, and you should pay special attention to each of them. White, regular teeth are the final touch to a tan, while nails and hair will require extra care and attention around hot sunshine and salty or chlorinated water. Conditioning and protection are vital, and make sure that you’re getting vitamins and minerals galore.

Sun worship
Sunshine can be kind and life-affirming, blessing us with its rays and warmth; but it can also be cruel and damaging. Always treat the sun with the utmost respect on Lanzarote.

That means sunblock should always be close at hand and part of your daily routine; it means taking tanning seriously and following SPF

guidelines religiously; it means floppy hats, collars and long skirts for everyday protection, and it means looking after your skin with body rubs, peels and treatments.
And, of course, it means a trip to buy the most stylish, most protective sunglasses you can find. Keep the sun on your side, and you’ll reap the results.