Creating Harmony

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui may not spring to mind when you’re considering where to put a jacuzzi or hot tub, but the philosophy of balance and flow embodied in it makes for good principles of design from any point of view.

Feng means “Wind” and Shui means “Water”, both of which are in abundance on Lanzarote, of course. Together Feng Shui is the “art of living in harmony with the earth”. When we live our lives in balance and harmony, we are filled with happiness, contentment, and abundance. Feng Shui is a Taoist based vision of the natural world; alive and filled with “Chi”, or energy. The ancient Chinese believed the land’s energy (chi) could be positive or negative (yin or yang).

Yin and Yang are two opposites in the Living Universe. Yin is represented by black while Yang is white. Classic examples of yin and yang are; night versus day; short versus tall; and male versus female. While they are opposite, it is also true that one cannot exist

without the other. Without night there is no day and without black there would be no white… Thus, yin and yang en sergies are constantly interacting with each other in our daily lives, Practitioners of the yin-yang concept advocate the need of a balance between the two forces.

Feng Shui is just another example of this eternal striving for balance that is at the heart of the Chinese way of looking at the world and forms the foundations of their way of medicine, of food and cooking and the way we exist in relation to the things that surround us in the world.