We Know What You Want

Whoever you are, whatever your tastes, Lanzarote has something to offer – an island with a dizzying variety of flavours and products, and a place where dining is always a pleasure.

It started more than 60 years ago, as the first intrepid tourists arrived on the island from Scandinavia, Germany and Britain. Tourists don’t tend to bring food with them, and locals soon discovered that there was money to be made in providing them with good, nourishing food.

As hotels popped up, so did restaurants, and soon Lanzarote was offering not just local fare, but the sort of Spanish food that had become popular with holiday makers to the Costas. Paella and garlic prawns flew out of the kitchens, and the competition heated up.

Catering to the tastes of tourists meant that some of those tourists stayed for good, opening establishments that offered a taste of home. Chinese and Indian restaurant owners also realised that there was a good living to be made in the resorts from tourists who already had a taste for their cuisines. Read more...


Later, visitors became more discerning and started to take a real interest in the produce and cooking of the Canaries. Experienced chefs and an increasingly cosmopolitan population led to a boom in innovative cuisine and fresh products that continues to this day.
Nowadays, food is at the forefront of Lanzarote’s appeal. Regular food fairs showcase the island’s best chefs and producers, and the island’s markets have been rejuvenated. The wine industry goes from strength to strength, and it’s possible to eat fantastically almost everywhere on the island, whatever your budget.

And at this time of year it’s a real pleasure to do so. The sea is full of fish, the fields are full of greenery and the island’s shops offer a dizzying variety of food. The days when it was impossible to locate certain ingredients are long gone, although you may still have to hunt harder for certain things, and the island’s cooks are open-mindedly experimenting with new tastes and new styles all the time. Once you’ve discovered just a little of what’s on offer, you can only feel sorry for those poor all-inclusive hotel guests grazing at their tepid buffets and queueing for powdered orange juice.

But the secret to Lanzarote’s dining success isn’t just the food – it’s the style. Kids are welcome, dietary requirements are catered for, the service is professional and personal – based on decades of experience – and there’s always a sun-kissed terrace and a sea view waiting for you.
Take your seat, and enjoy.

5 Keys to Lanzarote dining
1. Wine:
The local product par excellence. A constant companion at any meal or celebration.
2. Fish:
Spaniards worship good seafood, and are willing to pay handsomely for it.
3. Fruit:
Canarians eat more fruit than almost any other Europeans.
4. Cheese:
From sweet mild fresh cheeses to tangy mature ones, the island’s dairies are worth supporting.
5. Mojos:
Two simple, irresistible sauces that can be made in a million tempting ways.