Carmen Electra

Hispano Suiza is Spain’s most famous luxury car manufacturer, forever linked with the sleek lines and art deco beauty of the 1920s and 30s. It also created the world’s first electric car just 119 years ago, in 1900, although this model was never produced on a large scale.

Recently, another electric model, the Hispano Suiza Carmen, was launched in Barcelona, and this “hyperluxury gran turismo” continues the makers’ reputation for style and luxury. OK, it comes at a price too – 1.5 million Euros, to be precise – but just look at it!

The Carmen also features a total control system that allows you to control the car from an app on your smartphone, which has been developed by World Wide Mobility. This company was set up by the Lanzarote entrepreneur Emilio Mellado Arbelo. With the app, you can control the temperature of the car, limit speed and distance if others are driving it, and a host of other useful functions.

Based on the sleek lines of Hispano Suiza’s 1938 H6C Dubonnet Xenia and named after the granddaughter of the company’s founder (also the mother of the current President), the Carmen may not end up on Lanzarote, but at least we can dream.