Bottoms Up!

Lanzarote Cabildo have launched a new campaign to sell advertising space on cyclists’ bottoms.

Councillor Primero de Abril told the Gazette, “The idea came to me in my car, when I was crawling along a rural road behind a bunch of cyclists who were riding side by side. Watching the cyclists’ muscular backsides moving rhythmically for ten minutes while I waited for enough space to overtake was a hypnotic experience, and it occurred to me that this is exactly the sort of mental state when we are at our most receptive to advertisers messages.”

Councillor de Abril believes that products such as peaches, apples and hams could be perfectly suited to this innovative new idea for advertising space. “We’re also hoping to attract high-end clients who are promoting Jennifer López or Kylie Minogue records or Kim Kardashian perfumes, for example,” he mused, “Anyone with a famous backside, basically.”

Karsten Schmidt, a cyclist who regularly cycles on Lanzarote’s narrower roads said “I think it’s a brilliant idea. My friends and I often experience the goodwill motorists show towards us as we ride three-abreast on a narrow road. They give us friendly honks on their horn all the time and even shout greetings. Well, I think they’re greetings. Anyway I’m sure they’d be happy to buy anything we advertised on our Popos.”

Advertising space on cyclists’ bums will be available from April 1st, with prices starting at €50 per buttock.