Kitchen Perfect

On Lanzarote, kitchens need to be functional, tough and attractive. Fortunately, years of expertise and design means the perfect kitchen is almost certainly waiting there for you.

Unlike northern climes, where the kitchen is often a warm, social area where people gather, kitchens on Lanzarote are generally designed as a complement to another room, especially in smaller apartments.
Economy of space is at a premium, to ensure that a cook enjoys easy access to the fridge, cooker, store cupboards and sinks, while using the absolute minimum of movement. On Lanzarote, food is often prepared and taken away to be eaten outside, which means that ranch-style counters and open-plan kitchens here also assist this.


Spanish kitchens are often fitted with items that you don’t always find elsewhere. For example, the Spanish custom of washing then rinsing dishes means that you’ll often find two sinks and perhaps a plate rack for drying, while the nation’s passion for deep frying explains the overhead extractor fan that is a common fixture. If you have any of these features, learn to make the most of them before deciding whether to get rid – you may find they are a Godsend.

A kitchen is a place where a certain amount of clutter is inevitable. You may not use that toaster, bread-maker or juicer every day, but you don’t want to put them in storage either. Make sure everything you really need is close at hand, but arrange items so that things you use all the time – the kettle and cutlery, for example – are exactly where you need them.

In kitchens, white is almost always right. It’s the cleanest, brightest colour, but you may prefer darker, neutral work surfaces to cut down on glare. Brushed steel and other metallics are also hugely popular, while wooden fittings are better kept for cupboards and shelves, rather than places that are likely to get wet and dirty.
As for ornaments and decoration, keep it simple, the very best decorations for summer kitchens on Lanzarote are simply a bowl of vivid fresh oranges or scarlet tomatoes, or perhaps a hanging string of dried chilli peppers or garlic bulbs.

Tile Time
Tough tiled floors are standard in Lanzarote kitchens. You can brighten them up with mats or rugs, but make sure they’re firmly in place. Otherwise house shoes are a much better idea. Tiles and ceramics are also ideal for the splashback surfaces behind sinks – look around closely for attractive decorative possibilities.