Keep it Clean

All of us on Lanzarote will know the sight of pretty white houses scattered over a dark volcanic landscape as our aeroplane descends towards the island. But once you get a little closer up you realize that not all of those houses are quite as impressive from a few yards away.

Lanzarote’s weather is tough on houses, making paintwork yellow, creating war on door and window fittings and causing a build up of reddish dust after one of the calimas that are a feature of this time of year.

A quick solution is to give your home a regular new lick of paint – a great time to touch up walls, gates and fittings. Secondly, have a long hard think about your window and door fittings. Replacement shutters, doorways and window frames are almost certain to provide you with better control over airflow and better home security, as well as making your home look spick and span and bang up to date.
To avoid those unsightly run off stains, make sure the drainage systems on your home, from gutters to eaves, are well arranged so that excess water is

channelled away from the brickwork. This will also avoid the possibility of extremely expensive repairs if your home becomes damp.
UPVC or aluminium add a lightness and versatility to your home. It’s strong and maintenance free and has been a standard material on the island for years, often replacing the traditional wood that required constant repainting and maintenance. There are a number of other options on the island if you look around.
The colours you choose will depend on the building regulations in the area where you live, and specialists should be able to help you with this. As a general rule, you won’t go wrong with blues and greens – the colours that are universally approved for fittings on Lanzarote.