A World Of Fantasy

This month is carnival, that time of year when Lanzarote hits the streets in a riot of colour, noise and excitement.

Every weekend will see parades through the island’s towns and resorts, ranging from the huge, thunderous procession in Arrecife to smaller, charming celebrations in rural towns.

To make the most of carnival, all you have to is remember what it’s all about. It’s a feast and a party that falls just before the religious fasting period and observances of Lent, but it’s also a time to dress up and transform who you are, to live your fantasy.

It’s about masks and disguises, a time when you can leave your own cares and worries at home and be who you want to be, dance with who you want to dance with and say what you like. A mask gives you the freedom to do things you’d never get away with normally, and thousands will make the most of that liberty. Read more...


It’s the world turned upside down, when men can be women, women can be men, Kings can be beggars and schoolgirls can be Queens – and throughout the whole celebration there’s a rich sense of humour, laughter and release.

And it’s also a time to dream – to deck yourself out in beautiful costumes made of glitter, plumes, sequins and braid and to look simply fantastic, birds of paradise swaying to the endless rhythm of the drums.

This month you’ll see things you’ll never forget, hear sounds that will overwhelm you, be inspired by the biggest party of the year. So get dressed up and join in!

4th March @ 5pm
The biggest parade on the island gathers at the football ground in Arrecife from 5pm onwards and makes its way to the Cabildo building. It’s loud, intense and unmissable, and this year’s theme is the work of César Manrique.

Arrecife: Burial of the Sardine
6th March @ 6pm
The body of the papier-mache sardine will be paraded past mourners along Arrecife seafront, from the Ayuntamiento building to Playa del Reducto, where it will finally be cremated on a bonfire.

San Bartolomé
5th March @ 12pm
San Bartolomé’s family parade takes place at 12 midday, leaving from Museo Tanít. There’ll be comparsas galore, a performance by King Africa (performer of global hit La Bomba) and music and dancing until 8pm.
On Friday 8th March at 5pm, Playa Honda will parade along the seafront from Guacimeta beach to cremate its Guachinango (Red Snapper) and the party will go on until 2 am.

Puerto del Carmen
9th March @ 5pm
The most popular parade starts from the Barcarola Apartments and proceeds along the Avenida until it reaches Hotel Fariones. As usual, revellers will then move along to the Old Town harbour, where there’ll be open-air music and dancing.

23rd March @ 6.30pm
Haría’s carnival parade is many residents’ favourite. Leaving from the cemetery car park, the party people will make their way to the leafy, tree-lined Plaza de Haría, where there´ll be an open – air concert.

Costa Teguise
16th March
Costa Teguise’s parade is always an intense and exciting affair, travelling up from Sands Beach Resort to the Pueblo Marinero, with the buildings on each side of the route echoing the noise. The theme is the World of Magic.

Playa Blanca
30th March @ 6pm
The last big parade begins at Playa Flamingo and dances, drums and sings its way along to the Plaza de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, where an open air concert will take place, continuing until the early hours. The theme this year is Cuba.

St. Patrick’s Day Festival, Puerto del Carmen
17th March @ 1pm
A mass at the Old Town church in the morning is followed by the official opening of the celebrations. But the parade sets out from the Tourist information office on Avenida de las Playas and proceeds to the Old Town harbour, where the festivities will continue.

La Graciosa
30th April
A unique carnival, which takes place in Caleta de Sebo, the “capital” of the wild and unspoiled island off Lanzarote’s north coast. The lack of vehicles on La Graciosa mean that this is an old-style parade, taking place on foot, and for that reason it’s the only Lanzarote carnival to parade on the beach.
The theme for La Graciosa’s carnival is “Cuba”, the same as Playa Blanca.