The Full Treatment

On your wedding day you’ll want to look your very best. This is a day when lifelong memories are made, and a celebration of love, beauty and joy. This month, Valentine’s Day also offers the perfect excuse to scrub up and look a million dollars.

Beauty and grooming are aspects of weddings that can be found in all cultures, everywhere in the world. The days leading up to a wedding are traditionally a time when both bride and groom are pampered, beautified and made to look their very best for the big day – and, of course, bridesmaids and guests also want to make the day as special as possible.

A spa session, a long, relaxing massage or a luxurious beauty treatment will not only make you look glowingly healthy – it will also make you feel so much better. There’s a peaceful, calming nature to beauty treatments that is essential to calm those pre-wedding nerves and put you in the best frame of mind for the big day.

Even if you have no wedding in sight, pampering is also one of the finest gifts you can give on Valentine’s Day.

Hair is hugely important at weddings, even if its going to be behind a veil or under a hat. This is one of the times when you should always go to the professionals, and hairdressers are used to styling brides and even wedding parties in the most stunning yet practical ways. Guys should get smart, too – sharp looks and detail are essential at weddings.

Make-up is another aspect you’ll want to get right for a wedding day and, once again, it’s worth contacting the professionals who’ll be able to suggest a look that will chime with the theme of the wedding. Wedding make-up is almost always natural looking yet perfectly finished, and it’s worth planning trial runs and taking the dress and accessories into account.

Make sure everything is sorted to the very last detail before the big day. That means a manicure and a pedicure; a clean and polish at your dentist and, if necessary, a trip to the opticians. You’ll hopefully be looking at those wedding photos for a long, long time, so make sure you do them justice.