Dress You Up!

Christmas isn’t just a time for gift shopping. It also offers you the perfect opportunity to splash out on something that’ll make you look and feel great throughout the holidays.

Special occasions require a little more effort, and that’s truer than ever on Lanzarote. Take time to shop around and choose an outfit or two that you know will look great at Christmas – whether it’s a party dress for the ladies or a sleek shirt for the gents, you’ll not only attract the admiration of others – you’ll also feel better yourself.

Making sure kids look good is also well worth the effort. Young children are natural slobs, so it’s good to show them that there’s a time and a place to look your best. Don’t dress them up like dolls though – if you take them out and let them pick some items they like, you’ll not only have smart-looking kids, but you’ll also be encouraging them to start making their own style decisions. Kids love the rituals and traditions of Christmas, so help make it extra special for them.

Spain’s love of style shows in its language – “estrenar” means wearing an item for the first time, while “lucir” literally means to shine in a stunning outfit. Here on Lanzarote, the warm weather means that what you wear isn’t likely to be hidden under jumpers, scarves and duffel coats. Dress how you want, and welcome a dash of latin style, colour and flair.

Whether it’s wrapping presents, setting the table or getting dressed up, Christmas is all about those perfect details – so take a little extra time and thought when choosing your accessories.

Spain is full of shoe shops – this is a country where smart, stylish footwear is always popular, and at Christmas that’s even more true. Footwear isn’t really a gift option, so treat yourself to something special that will make you walk tall this December. Looking good starts from the feet upwards, so get off to the best possible start.

Jewellery is the perfect gift for someone special, but it’s also something that comes into its own at this time of year, when shimmering, glittery, sparkly things fill our homes with a feeling of opulent luxury. There’s no need to overdo it – subtlety can be devastatingly effective – but if you want to deck yourself out like a Christmas tree, then go for it!

Sunglasses are one of those things that you need all year round on Lanzarote – in summer the glare makes them indispensable, while in winter the lower angle of the sun means you’ll also need protection. They are also perfect Christmas gifts, with plenty of irresistible designer shades on offer in the resorts.