Your Table Awaits

Dining is one of those Christmas traditions that Lanzarote does brilliantly, so book your table and look forward to a festive feast…

The traditional Christmas dinner is a wonderful experience. However, if you’re the one preparing the brussels sprouts, basting the turkey, wrapping sausages in bacon, boiling the pudding and then doing all the washing up afterwards. You might not think it’s quite so magical.

That’s why dining out is the perfect solution, allowing everyone to relax and enjoy the most important meal of the year at a restaurant, where someone else can do all the preparation and cleaning up. All you have to do is dress the part, turn up and enjoy. Read more...

But before you do all that, you need to be sure of your table, and places are in high demand during the festive season. So, if you know where you want to dine, get on the phone right away; and if you don’t, start doing your research.

Fortunately, Lanzarote’s been doing this for decades, and social family meals are a local tradition. You’ll have no problems catering for kids, and most restaurants will bend over backwards to ensure your evening goes as planned.

And the choice is immense. Expat-owned bars and restaurants will lay on the full Christmas dinner experience, from crackers to brandy butter, but as Christmas on Lanzarote lasts a fortnight, you’ll also have an opportunity for slightly different dining experiences. In Spain, for example, seafood is the festive meal par excellence, and there’s no better highlight for Boxing Day or even New Year’s Eve than a seafood lunch on a sunny terrace.

But there are plenty of other choices on offer if you fancy a Scandinavian Christmas meal, a Christmas curry or something even more exotic. And Lanzarote is also learning to cater for everyone’s tastes, whether they’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free. The secret is to talk to the owners of the restaurant and make sure they know exactly what you want.