Shine On!

Why is sparkle so essential to christmas? Perhaps it’s a reminder of snowflakes and frosty mornings, but there’ll be precious few of those on Lanzarote this December.

More likely is the fact that the Christmas story features a shining star, a motif that is repeated everywhere in the world, and that one of the original Christmas gifts was gold, another element whose gleaming beauty encapsulates the richness of the occasion.

Sparkle is at the heart of Christmas fashion, as well. This is time when you’ll want to shine, whatever the event, and a dash of glinting, gleaming glitter is just what you need to set off that rich, celebratory mood. Read more...

It can be anything from a sheer, shiny dress to a twinkling piece of jewellery, and you can have plenty of fun experimenting with glittery, lustrous make-up. The important thing is that you catch the eye.

That, of course is what sparkle does, reflecting the lights of candles, Christmas decorations and fairy lights back at the viewer, attracting attention and keeping it focused – it’s pure visual pleasure.