Time for You

For many of those who live on Lanzarote, October marks a return to a normal routine. The kids are back at school, the summer holidays are over, work settles down to normal and you can start catching up on you again. Looking good in every way, fitness, check-up’s or just treating yourself to a haircut all help us come down a gear and feel spoiled.

“It’s time to get checked up.”

Everyone knows the glow of satisfaction and bliss you get after a tough workout and the sense of achievement you can attain from meeting your goals. For many, it´s the way exercise not only keeps you strong and improves stamina, but also provides a sense of mental well-being that itself gives energy and enthusiasm. You can do this on your own, join a gym or if your struggling to get motivated, a personal trainer can provide unbeatable motivation while tailoring an exercise routine expertly to your own needs and requirements.

An annual opticians check-up is also advisable every year. Our sight changes throughout our lives, with long-sightedness typically setting in in the 40s, and other problems more likely to develop.


The earlier your vision problems are identified, the easier you will find day-to-day life. Squinting and strain can cause headaches and more serious problems, so it is vital that you get the correct prescription as soon as possible.

On Lanzarote, where sun and airborne dust are facts of life, an optican can also identify other non-vision related optical problems.

Sun, sea, wind and soap can strip the life out of your hair, so make the most of hydrating shampoos and conditioners to get your mane in tip-top condition. And if the summer has left your hair feeling less than it´s best, consider a haircut. On Lanzarote, that means a cut that is not only stylish, but practical. Fortunately, current hair trends offer plenty of options for attractive, low-maintenance cuts, but your best advice is to get in touch with the professionals and take their advice into account before taking the plunge.