Eating on the Go!

Quick, easy meals aren’t the same as fast food.

Whether you’re eating out or preparing your own meals, Lanzarote offers endless possibilities for quick, easy eating – perfect for an island where it’s all go.

The ideal way to eat on Lanzarote is, of course, at your leisure – taking your time over a delicious meal with a perfect view and good company. But even among locals, this is something that only happens once or twice a week.

Residents and tourists also value meals that are quick and easy to prepare, or dining quickly – grabbing some great food to provide you with the energy for an active day on the island.

This free and easy attitude to eating has nothing to do with fast food, which is a way restaurant owners try and shift as many punters through the door as possible. A quick look at Lanzarote’s resorts will show you that the fast food model is still nowhere near as popular as other, more traditional ways of eating, but there are still plenty of place you can grab a meal on the run.

Tapas, of course, is the most famous way of eating quickly on the island. Bars and restaurants often offer plenty of choices of small dishes that fill a gap perfectly until mealtimes. They’re ready prepared, and absolutely perfect for a late breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack.


Plenty of other establishments will offer quick snacks or light meals that can be finished in a matter of minutes, leaving you recharged for an active day ahead.

Takeaway is another option that many don´t even consider, but there are many places that will happily box up a meal for you, so that you can take it to the beach, out into the volcanoes or wherever you like. And the alternatives are increasing all the time.

Spanish roast chicken shops are famous for providing quick, easy home-cooked meals and often offer a delicious range of other specialities, too. And they are now being joined by places offering vegetarian, vegan and various ethnic dishes –all piping hot and ready to go.

Lanzarote’s range of quick and easy meals also suits the island’s laid-back calendar perfectly, allowing you to eat what you want, when you want.

Easy at home
One thing you’ll notice in local supermarkets is that there are far fewer oven-ready meals or microwave dinners on offer. Spain is still a place where putting a little bit of effort into preparation is valued.

Here on Lanzarote, the selection of fresh fruit and vegetables offers a huge range of quick salads, and you’ll also find bottled chickpeas and lentils that can quickly be rustled up into a tasty and hearty meal. Then there are eggs and delicious local cheeses, fish fillets and steaks that can be cooked in a trice, and much, much more.