Summer Looks

This seasons catwalks show a smooth transition from healthy, natural looks to something a little more sensual. But whether you’re a flower child, a sporty type, or a smouldering vamp, there’s something on offer for summer.

Hot Hair
Sun, salt water, chlorine and warm breezes are bad news for your flowing locks, so make sure you give them plenty of tender, loving care. Choose a style that’s practical and low maintenance, and don’t skimp on comb-in conditioner. Use a kind shampoo and dilute it to preserve natural oils, and be sure to give your hair a break by tucking it into a hat, a turban or just tying it back.

The Skin you’re In
We’re not going to lecture you about sun protection here – you should know all about that by now – but your skin will benefit from some TLC before you hit the beach and poolside. For sleek, smooth legs, make sure you get a waxing at least two days before going out, allowing your skin to get used to its new state.

Even better, book a beauty treatment and let the professionals nourish and pamper your skin, leaving you with a fantastic, visible glow and loads of confidence.

Bags of Style
Your beach bag will be doing a lot of work this summer, so make sure it’s not only smart, but durable. A good beach bag not only has to contain all the stuff you need for a sand and sea session, but it also has to be durable and washable. Finally, looks count.

Raffia, straw, canvas, jute and other materials are all ideal for Lanzarote’s beaches, while synthetic sports bags also offer practical solutions. Even the blue IKEA Frakta bag is enjoying a fashion moment right now – you can pay €2,000 for the Balenciaga copy or 70 cents for an original.

Shades of Elegance
With ten daily hours of blazing sunshine that’s reflected from water and blinding white buildings, sunglasses are a must on Lanzarote. Not only will they help preserve your vision, but they’re a stylish and comfortable accessory that’s worth spending good money on.

With literally thousands of brands, frames, styles and specialist models on offer, you’re spoilt for choice.

Costume Drama
Lanzarote is perennially popular with reality stars who arrive to be snapped “flaunting their curves” on the beach or by poolsides, and if you’ve just been voted off Love Island, then this is the place to bring that strappy cut-away cozzie.

Other beach users, however, will favour more practical swimwear – sleek, athletic designs that not only look good, but ensure you can swim, run and play volleyball in absolute comfort.