Salt and Colour

2nd & 3rd June

June the 2nd and 3rd offer one of Lanzarote’s most charming and colourful customs, with the Corpus Christi salt carpets being laid in Arrecife, San Bartolomé and Tías.
Corpus Christi is a Roman Catholic celebration of the transformation of Jesus’ blood and flesh into the Holy sacrament – the wine and wafers given to worshippers at every mass. And the idea of the swift, fleeting beauty of our lives is at the heart of the way it is celebrated in the Canaries.

From 4pm on the evening of Saturday 2nd, associations will gather to create “carpets” on the pavements and streets. To do so they use tonnes of coloured salt that is provided by the local authorities. It’s a painstaking and intricate affair, involving planning and ingenuity, but the results are amazing – bold, bright and eye-catching.

On the following morning, sightseers turn out to admire the completed carpets, but they don’t have long. Around midday, a procession departs from the church and tramples over every single carpet.
Kids love to take jars and fill them with layers of coloured salt after the procession has gone by, and by the following morning everything has been swept up.

The best place to see the carpets is around the church of San Ginés in Arrecife, but carpets are also laid in San Bartolomé and Tías.

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