Cambodian Kids Appeal

Isabelle Janssens will be well-known to anyone who took part in bygone Ironman races. As events manager, her smile was often the first impression many had of Club La Santa. Isabelle has left La Santa now, and is devoted to charity work.

In August, Isabelle plans to visit Cambodia and support a summer camp project for 13,000 local children who may otherwise fall back into a lifestyle of scavenging rubbish tips or prostitution. At the end of the camp, each child will receive a small gift, and this is why Isabelle has issued the following appeal to us.

If you have any small left-over promotional items, such as badges, T-shirts, pens, caps, toys etc, Isabelle would love to take them over as gifts for these desperate children. The charity would ideally like at least 150 of any item, and as Isabelle will be taking them in her own luggage, she asks that donors avoid heavier items such as books, mugs or electrical items.

If you can help, please contact Isabelle on 640788470 or get in touch with us at Gazette Life.

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