Back to Basics

Name anything that people like, and you can bet there’s been an attempt to combine it with yoga in recent years. Last year we saw cat and dog yoga, which you’re supposed to do with your pet; goat yoga, a California trend which might take off on Lanzarote, and even beer yoga – which combines yoga routines with an ice cold beer.

Some of these trends are more valuable than others – paddleboard yoga, for example, has already been spotted on Lanzarote and involves improving core strength while meditating on a floating board, with the natural element of the sea a huge attraction.

But at the basis of all these trends is yoga itself – still a hugely attractive prospect for maintaining and improving flexibility and strength at any age. And here on Lanzarote, where it only take a few seconds to invent beach yoga, cave yoga, volcano yoga or even camel yoga, yoga will always rule.

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