César Manrique Airport


The César Manrique Foundation has asked for “respect” for the legacy of the Lanzarote artist following a controversy over who will fund the renaming of Lanzarote’s Airport.
A proposal to rename the airport in honour of Manrique was approved by the Cabildo last year. However, Spain’s airport authority AENA has insisted that the Cabildo bear the costs of the initiative. Recently, Spain’s Ministry of Development repeated that the Cabildo should pay.
However, Lanzarote politicians have claimed that AENA should fund the renaming process, as it “receives so many benefits from Lanzarote.” The issue is complicated by the fact that AENA has paid for the renaming of other Spanish airports, while local authorities have paid for others.
The proposal states that the airport will be renamed Aeropuerto César Manrique-Lanzarote, which may clear up current confusion as to what the airport is actually called. Currently it is known under the names Lanzarote and Guacimeta, and its code ACE also means it is often referred to as Arrecife.