Don’t panic!

daily star monster tsunami

MONSTER TSUNAMI IF HOLS VOLCANO EXPLODES was the headline on the front page of the Daily Star on Wednesday, after reports that over 50 earth tremors had been detected beneath
Cumbre Vieja on the northwestern Canary Island of La Palma.

However, experts say that the tremors are “perfectly normal, if not usual” and there is no indication that the volcanic ridge of Cumbre Vieja is likely to erupt or collapse into the sea any time soon. The “monster tsunami” nonsense comes from a BBC Horizon documentary in 2000, which has since been criticised by several scientists. Tsunamis are generally caused by underwater seismic movements, rather than landslides, and evidence shows that Canarian landslides tend to occur gradually. The scientists who were interviewed for the documentary have admitted that their theory relies on “several worst case scenarios”.
We’ll keep you posted while we’re still here.