Back to Work

Shot of a group of people doing squats in a gym

For many of those who live on Lanzarote, Autumn marks a return to a normal routine. The kids are back at school, the summer holidays are over, work settles down to normal and you can start making plans again. Make sure keeping fit is among them.

The routine of everyday life can be tiring: endless school runs, shopping trips and weeks of the old 9 to 5 can start getting you down. But if you want a tried and tested way to deal with it better, organise yourself a regular exercise routine.

“Why?” you might cry “I’ve got enough on my plate already!” The answer has to do with the way exercise not only keeps you strong and improves stamina, but also provides a sense of mental well-being that itself gives energy and enthusiasm.

Everyone knows the glow of satisfaction and bliss you get after a tough workout, the tingle of well-being after a hard swim, and the sense of achievement you can attain from meeting your goals. For many, there’s also another advantage – when you’re exercising hard you’re miles away from the worries and niggles of daily life, allowing to address them again refreshed and renewed.

Another advantage of exercise is that you’ll automatically start living more healthily in other ways. For some reason, as your body gets fitter you start craving fresh fruit, fresh water and healthy food; while fried brekkies, booze and cakes seem to lose some of their appeal.

You can do this on your own, and many do, but exercise doesn’t have to be solitary. If you get together with friends you can help each other along, providing more motivation to keep a routine up and hit your goals.

Or join a gym, where you’ll find social opportunities among people with a similar outlook to you, as well as expert advice and guidance. Best of all, a personal trainer can provide unbeatable motivation while tailoring an exercise routine expertly to your own needs and requirements.

Remember to be realistic when planning your routine. You’ll need to take travel, preparation, warming-up, showering and changing into account, too. If your routine is going to be effective, it will take a significant chunk of time out of your week.

But it will be time well spent. While every bit of exercise you get is good for you, only a well-planned schedule can get you feeling consistently fit, energetic and ready for anything. Forget all that stuff about living longer – you’re doing this for yourself right now, and the sooner you get organised, the better you’ll feel.