Ryanair Row

If you plan to fly via Ryanair in October it is advised to keep a close eye on the website.”
Ryanair’s decision to cancel hundreds of flights has caused anger and led to a rare public apology from the company’s CEO, Michael O’Leary. However, at the time of writing, none of the affected flights connect Lanzarote with Ireland or the UK.

Ryanair has announced that it will cancel 40 to 50 flights every day until the end of October.

400,000 passengers have been directly notified by Ryanair, while up to 18 million ticket holders remain uncertain as to whether their flights will go ahead or not.

At the time of writing, Ryanair has posted a list of scores of cancelled flights at the Help Centre of its official website. However, the only Lanzarote routes cancelled are the FR 2017 and FR 2018 services between Arrecife and Madrid on every Sunday in October.

The fact that the law demands cash compensation of between €250 and €400 for flights for cancelled flights of over 1,000 miles may be the reason why no routes between the British Isles and the Canaries have so far been listed.

The exact reasons for Ryanair’s decision remain unclear. The company claims it is changing its holiday year to run from January to December rather than from April to March. They say this means that hundreds of staff are, as a result, taking their holiday allowance before the end of the year so as not to miss out.

However, other sources claim that Ryanair simply does not have enough pilots. Rival airline Norwegian, which also operates from Ryanair’s Dublin base, claims it has taken 140 pilots from Ryanair recently, and Ryanair themselves have offered a €10, 000 signing-on incentive for new pilots.

While no Lanzarote routes are affected as yet, anyone who plans to fly via Ryanair during October is advised to keep a close eye on the company’s website for updates.

Luggage Revision
Ryanair has also been in the news after changing its hand luggage policy. From November 1st, only priority boarding passengers who pay an extra €5 will be able to take two bags on board. All other passengers will be limited to a smaller item of hand luggage. Larger wheelie bags will have to be checked in (for free) and reclaimed at the destination.

From 1 November, this check-in bag allowance will also increase from 15kg to 20kg, while the fee for extra luggage in the hold will be reduced from £35 to £25.

The move was prompted by the sheer overcrowding that the current policy caused on flights, where overhead cabin lockers simply do not have room for so many wheelie bags.