Southern Style

In Playa Blanca, even the rest of Lanzarote can seem a long way away. There’s a distinct sense of remoteness down in this warm and sunny corner of the island, a place where you can be whoever you want to be.

Fantastic Fact – The Rubicón in Playa Blanca is the place where French and Spanish conquistadores first set foot on Lanzarote.

Smart and Sleek
Playa Blanca is Lanzarote’s newest, most modern resort, and the surroundings reflect that. With some of the best hotels on the island, a welcoming, pedestrianised town centre and a charming and extensive seafront, it’s a resort that still impresses. Then, of course, there’s the Marina Rubicón – the very essence of a sleek luxury marina.

Active Lifestyle
Of all Lanzarote’s resorts, Playa Blanca offers the most in the way of nearby attractions. It’s walking distance to the spectacular beaches of Papagayo, and you can also hike up Montaña Roja or visit the old lighthouse at Pechiguera. There are also countless sporting opportunities, a waterpark, safe beaches to swim off, and a cycle path leading to the north. Lanzarote athletic addiction is also very much in evidence down south.

Athletic Style
Sporty style is everywhere on Lanzarote, and especially in Puerto del Carmen – the centre of the annual Ironman Race. From lycra to loose and funky surf gear to cool swimwear and preppy sailing gear, this is a place where the joy of active outdoor living can be seen all along the seafront and beyond. Clean, comfortable, well-groomed and bang on trend, it pays to make that extra effort.

Family Friendly
Playa Blanca’s also ideal for kids, and parents have been taking their families here for decades. There are broad beaches, safe bathing, fun activities and, most importantly of all, there’s alwasy an ice cream close at hand.

Feel the Music
There’s music all over the place in Playa Blanca, especially after the sun goes down. Just wander around and sooner or later you’ll hear something that catches your ear, and it could be the start of the perfect evening out.

Chill Time
If Playa Blanca has a defining style, it’s an upmarket, slightly laid back hippy vibe. This is a place that is out of the mainstream but very much on trend. The sun is a permanent companion, meaning that what you wear is defined by comfort and ease, but there are so many ways you can make this work for you.