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Kitchen Facelift

Our kitchens are the most-used rooms in our homes, and while you may see it as just a place to cook and do the washing up, it’s equally important to update your kitchen as it is your living room or master bedroom.

No bubble… yet

Spain is not yet facing another housing bubble, according to a report in El Pais, but caution is required.

Prices up

House sales increased on the Canaries by 25% in 2021, and also show an increase of almost 20% on the last pre-pandemic year of 2019.

Get lawyered up

Reliable legal advice and representation is your most important ally when dealing with property matters.

“It smells like our summer holiday!”

Spanish cleaning and hygiene products have recently taken off in the UK, as social media goes crazy about scented floor cleaners, disinfectants and even baby colognes.

Drinks, please!

Living room bars have been on the backburner of interior design for some time, and 2022 is the year that they make a comeback into our homes.

Cable Conundrum

In the last 20 years we have seen technology get bigger and better with each new iteration, from hoovers to smart TVs. Many of these new home gadgets still come with plenty of cables and a handful of plugs which can look unsightly if left sprawling out from behind furniture.

The cutting edge

Black is confident and bold. A colour which is used for nearly all handheld smart devices, kitchen equipment like ovens and stove-tops and televisions. But it is seldom used effectively in our homes.

A Christmas Circle

Christmas is when life seems to come full circle. The cycle of another year comes to an end, the new one is about to start rolling, and we gather around with friends and family to celebrate the ever-turning, never-changing wheel of life’s seasons.

Where there’s a will…

Are you a foreigner in Spain who does not have a will? Erardo Ferrer, whose firm has more than 20 years of experience advising foreign residents on inheritance matters, advises you to do it now and save money and problems for your partner, your children or any other heirs after your death.