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Maintenance time

We’re arriving at one of Lanzarote’s most wonderful times of year, when the strong summer winds die away leaving the island bathing in mellow warmth for at least three months. There’s a huge temptation to lounge on the balcony with a cocktail, but it’s also a fantastic time to get out there and get your home in tip-top shape.

Window talk

In Spain, windows generally open inward. The reasons for this are a result of Spain’s hot weather and its love of privacy.

Patterns of life

If you’ve shied away from trying a bold wallpaper in your Lanzarote home, why not think again? It may just act as the final piece of your interior puzzle. Wallpaper was originally used to imitate expensive tapestries hung on walls…

Flatpack finesse

Assembling flatpack furniture is a modern curse - something our ancestors never had to do. Yet today, we’re all supposed to be home assembly experts because certain stores want to save storage space.

Mr Brown and Mr Green

Erardo Ferrer of Lanzarote Abogados tells us about two real case histories that show that it still makes sense to review any mortgage taken out between 2000 and 2018. Names have been changed to preserve client confidentiality.

Bathroom Reshape

As trends change and our liking for certain things fade, we often want to totally change the design or orientation of a room in our house. One of the rooms we frequent most is the bathroom – using it to get ready every morning and to carry out our skincare routines before bed.

Cooking Utilities

The lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 saw many of us take to the kitchen to refine and learn new skills. As a result, there are more home cooks than ever, and every budding chef needs the proper utilities to prepare delicious dishes with ease.

Oh no, my pool is green!

It’s common for frequently used swimming pools to accumulate algae if you don’t take proper care of the chemicals and general regular maintenance. It’s important to know about the different types of algae and how to treat them, especially…

Unmatched Quality

Lanzarote Pool & Spa Shop in Playa Blanca have recently received a new shipment of award-winning Superior Wellness spas. This month, we chatted with manager Steven Mottershaw about the new arrivals.

Summer Secure

Lanzarote’s busiest holiday months are approaching, and the Spanish National Police have recently reminded holiday rental owners of the basic safety measures that we should all follow to keep ourselves and our valuables safe while in Lanzarote.