Plague and Pestilence

Human beings aren’t the only ones suffering from a pandemic in recent years. Lanzarote’s plants have also experienced waves of plagues recently. We look at the worst culprits and what you can do about them...

Success with Succulents

Succulents are all over the place on Lanzarote, hardly surprising for a diverse family of plants that have evolved to withstand the most extreme conditions of drought and heat. Almost every Lanzarote gardener ends up falling in love with these tough, weird and wonderful plants.

Trees are life

With a few exceptions, Lanzarote is not famous for its trees. Researchers believe the north of the island was once heavily wooded, but human inhabitants stripped the island for firewood and building materials, and the resulting erosion and grazing by livestock means they won’t be back soon.

Some like it hot and bubbly

Imagine sipping a glass full of chilled Lanzarote wine while watching the sun setting over this beautiful island warmly ensconced in your bubbling outdoor hot tub. With some expert help or DIY know-how you could be splashing out on one for real, read on.

Watch, learn and act

We’re now in one of Lanzarote’s coolest and most unstable months, when the weather – although usually fine – is most likely to take a turn for the worse.

Living with Animals

Hairs all over the carpet or the sofa, chewtoys or balls lying around where you least expect them, scratchmarks on the doorframe and stains on rugs or carpets marking the scene of ‘little accidents’ in the past – living with a pet is a challenge for even those who aren’t particularly houseproud, and can drive you nuts if you are. However, many of us understandably feel that a house is not a home without a four-legged friend.

Getting to know Playa Blanca

The sunny southern town of Playa Blanca is a favourite amongst older tourists and families who look for a fun yet relaxed holiday. The town is a perfect weekend getaway for those that want a balance of tranquility and liveliness.

To do in 2022

British residents and non-residents have seen plenty of changes recently, and there are a number of areas that all of them should sort out. It’s sometimes possible to do it yourself, but the guidance and advice of a professional can be invaluable.

Health Resolutions

The more vague the resolution, the less likely you are to keep it. Here are some achievable health resolutions with clear targets that you can aim for this New Year.

Sharing Culture

Experiencing new dishes and cuisines should be a shared experience. Sharing food is a way of life in Spain, from sitting down at a bar and sharing tapas to a big family get together with a table spread.