Teguise Circular Walk

Tour guide David Penney leads us up to one of Lanzarote's most historic castles and through the delightful rural landscapes of Teguise. This walk starts at the car park next to the Policia Local station and the Centro de Salud de Teguise…

The last tournament

Last year, when lockdown rules prevented us from distributing the magazine, Gazette Life went exclusively online for three months. In the first of those digital issues, we ran a piece about a visit to one of the most popular sporting events on the island - the Bola Canaria Torneo de Abuelos Conejeros (The Lanzarote Grandparents' Canarian Bowls Tournament).

Pet Theories

Lanzarote Vet Jane Burke recalls a transformational friendship with the man whose ideas of pet behaviour and psychology revolutionised the lives and relationships of pets and owners.

Start afresh!

There’s never a bad time to begin natural, healthier eating, but why not hit the ground running and head into 2021 as you mean to continue, by discovering delicious, fresh food that also does you good.

Catch them young

Mass sterilisation is the only solution to the desperate suffering of the feral cat population, which has only been increased by the covid pandemic. Lanzarote vet Jane Burke explains why it's better to do it younger. The Covid pandemic…

Rice is nice

It's the grain that conquered the world – the most important staple diet in the world, and an endlessly adaptable, perennially popular ingredient. Lets celebrate five famous strains of Oryza sativa – rice.

Home aroma

Handwashing gel, disinfectant and ventilation has literally changed the atmosphere we live in, bringing fresher air into our lives, as well as fragrances that can be pleasant or harsh and chemical. Wherever we live, our sense of smell is a vital element of home planning.

Christmas in the sun

One glance around Lanzarote at Christmas time will confirm that there is no snow, no robins, no holly and very few fir trees. That’s OK – the original Christmas story wasn’t very wintry, either, but spending Christmas in warm weather does need a bit of a reset in the home.

Joy Christmas

On the Canaries, your garden or balcony can be a place of pleasure all year round. Here are some of the plants and flowers that bring guaranteed happiness and pleasure to gardeners.

Hoop Dreams

C.D. Magec Tías Contra la Violencia de Género is the full name of Lanzarote’s premier female basketball side, the first one to compete in a national league. Since 2017, the women from Tías have played in Spain’s Feminine League 2. We spoke to their coach, and 2020’s star signing at the Sports Pavilion in Tías recently.