Cats & the law

Canarian animal rights activists are up in arms about proposals for a new Canarian Biodiversity Law that they claim would allow the hunting of unmarked cats in designated hunting zones.

The 90-day trap

Ron Gibbs reports on the campaign to give UK citizens the right to spend 180 days a year in Spain visa-free, as EU citizens are able to do in the UK.

Tin sailors

Jolateros are an emblem of Arrecife. These brightly-painted little tin boats are still an essential part of the capital's fiestas, and the survival of this tradition is down to one man.

Garlic Paradise

Garlic is an absolute essential ingredient on Lanzarote – so all-pervasive and universal that it's hardly ever mentioned. If you're a fan, you're in paradise; if not, it's time to acquire the taste. And if you're a vampire - tough.

Super grass!

The winter rains brought something amazing to Lanzarote’s rural areas– fields of golden-green grass rippling like the sea in the breeze. But for gardeners, grass can be a complicated business on a subtropical island.

Residents’ Discount

Residents’ discounts are one of the bonuses of living on the Canaries and have been permitted to continue for British permanent residents, despite Brexit.

Best-kept secret

Canarian cuisine is the best-kept secret in Europe - a mix of ancient and modern, a bubbling stew of influences from near and far, and a daily pleasure for everyone on the islands.

Bringing your car over

Bringing your vehicle from Britain to the canaries has never been easy, but Brexit has now added another dimension to the process.

Going swimmingly!

Michelle Braddock moved to Lanzarote from the UK thirty years ago before meeting husband Tila and setting up Lanzarote Retreats. But it took an autumn visit to Cornwall to introduce her to cold water swimming. Here she explains what got her in the water and why she set up the Lanzarote Bluetits, a branch of The Bluetits Chill Swimmers, which has got hundreds of people into British seas.

An ancient trade

Lichens are the oldest living things on Lanzarote, the first vegetation that appeared on volcanic rocks after they erupted from the sea. They may not do much, but they have changed the history of Lanzarote and the Canaries forever.