Best-kept secret

Canarian cuisine is the best-kept secret in Europe - a mix of ancient and modern, a bubbling stew of influences from near and far, and a daily pleasure for everyone on the islands.

Bringing your car over

Bringing your vehicle from Britain to the canaries has never been easy, but Brexit has now added another dimension to the process.

Going swimmingly!

Michelle Braddock moved to Lanzarote from the UK thirty years ago before meeting husband Tila and setting up Lanzarote Retreats. But it took an autumn visit to Cornwall to introduce her to cold water swimming. Here she explains what got her in the water and why she set up the Lanzarote Bluetits, a branch of The Bluetits Chill Swimmers, which has got hundreds of people into British seas.

An ancient trade

Lichens are the oldest living things on Lanzarote, the first vegetation that appeared on volcanic rocks after they erupted from the sea. They may not do much, but they have changed the history of Lanzarote and the Canaries forever.

Staying alive

Fluid therapy can be a life saver, writes Lanzarote vet Jane Burke, keeping a patient alive long enough to turn the corner in the fight against illness and injury. last month, she learned this at first hand.

Cactus Discovery

La Graciosa has been invaded by local officials after a British professor discovered that a cactus found on the island contains a powerful chemical that is almost identical to Viagra.

Rebels Conquer Lanzarote!

The Rebel Trekkers are a group of women hikers from Costa Teguise who recently undertook an unforgettable hike from one tip of Lanzarote to the other. Wendy Allan takes up the story.

Simple Things

It's possible to get complicated and perfectly-prepared dishes on Lanzarote, but that's not what the island is famous for. The best things are done simply, and rely on a few key elements. Here are some of Lanzarote's simplest ingredients and a few simple but stunning recipes to go with them.

Sole Survivor

Félix Hernández's shop at C/Hermanos Zerolo 22 in Arrecife is an amazing step into the past, but also very much a going concern. The sign outside simply says Zapatero Félix, but once you step inside you're stepping into the heritage of the island.

Round about Haría

Tour guide David Penney and his gang visit the Barranco de Elvira Sánchez in Haría to get an eyeful of the amazing flower show that has transformed Lanzarote in the first part of the year.