Love and loss

This month Lanzarote vet Jane Burke offers a deeply-moving personal recollection of the loss of beloved animal companions, and reflects on how important it is to understand grief. There was plenty of drama both times my terrapin died.…

Design for living

Sir Terence Conran, who died last month, changed the way British people lived, bringing exciting modern design and continental flair into every home.

Wine Culture

Lanzarote is a wine culture, and that means so much more than what you choose to wash your dinner down with. Here's how the vine has defined the island.

Perfect Pastel

Lanzarote is an island that’s famous for bold, vivid colour; but subtlety can also shine here, and the frosted, timeless beauty of pastel shades offers eternal relief and refinement.

Nightshade Garden

If you grew up in the British countryside, you may have been warned against the Deadly Nightshade – one of the most poisonous plants in Europe, with glossy, cherry-like berries that cause delirium and convulsions. But this plant is just one species in a family of plants that has changed the world frequently – the nightshades.

Surface Matters

With humans, it may be what’s inside that matters, but no one cares how golden-hearted your exterior facades are – they need to be gorgeous and they need to do their job well – that’s all that matters.

Spain in Technicolour

The controversy caused by a Spanish artist’s renovation of a lighthouse underlines Spain’s reputation as a world capital of colour.

Cooking with kids

The coronavirus crisis kept children at home for months, and during that time many of them used the opportunity to learn some cooking skills. They may not all end up on Junior Masterchef, but a kid who can't cook the basics is heading into life with a disadvantage.

Poetry Corner

John Leppard tells us “When I was much younger I used to smile at my parents' daily "pill-popping’ ritual. Now I am old, I realise that it was no joke.” As usual, John has expressed his views on the subject in verse.

Cod in Salsa Vizcaína

This is one of those dishes that is somehow hearty, yet light and healthy at the same time. A classic from the Basque region, the mouth-watering brick-red sauce can be used to accompany fish and meat and is also perfect for vegetarian and vegan dishes.