El Cuchillo Ridge

El Cuchillo means “the knife” in English, and tour guide David Penney knows this strange and beautiful area of northern Lanzarote backwards.

Control & Fulfillment

Last month our sales rep Beverley Farley took a one-to-one class with yoga teacher Laurel Regan from Lanzarote Yoga Escape. We asked her for her impressions.

Holiday Help!

The Canarian Government has announced its Canarian Holiday Bonus, an initiative that will subsidise the holidays of Canarian residents who decide to take their holiday on the islands.

While you’re gone

While we’re hoping that tourists will flock back to the island soon, many of us are also waiting for the chance to get back home to see family and friends at long last. If you’re leaving your property unattended this summer, it’s time to check your security arrangements.

Taxing times

Property owners on Lanzarote are subject to several taxes, but those who are non-resident also have specific taxes to take into account. It’s something that, for many people, will require expert legal assistance and advice.

And breath…

Lanzarote's fresh air, sunshine and remarkable beauty offers the perfect setting for yoga, in which spirituality and health combine to make us feel better in body and soul. To find out more we spoke to yoga teacher Laurel Regan.

Los Agujeros to the Cueva del Agua

Tour guide David Penney leads us on the perfect short walk for a breezy, sunny day on Lanzarote's rugged east coast.

Butterfly Life

Steve Dargonne and Carol Cox have turned their Lanzarote garden into a butterfly reserve for the large and beautiful Monarch butterfly, an American species that has also made its home on the Canaries. Here’s their story.

A jewel in Soo

La Tienda de Lourdes (Lourdes’s Shop), in Soo, is a jewel of authentic, traditional Lanzarote life; a place where the hard work, care and talent of one woman have created an unforgettable little Lanzarote business.

Sharing the cost of testing

A Lanzarote rental owner is offering to pay the cost of the tests required to return to the UK, in an attempt to get business moving on an island that is still suffering from international Covid restrictions.