The perfect roast potatoes

Roasties are an essential element of every Christmas dinner. Here’s two ways to get them bang on, with a real herb flavour.

It really could be you…

El Gordo is the biggest and oldest lottery in the world, and you’re as welcome to take part as anyone.

It’s on its way!

Christmas is coming, and if you want to establish a festive mood, it’s time to start thinking about decorating. You’ve still got plenty of time, but preparation will make things run much more smoothly.

Making it clear

Lanzarote Vet Jane Burke explains why a reliable diagnosis can sometimes be an expensive affair, and offers some useful advice on second opinions and getting clear information from your vet.

The Devil of Timanfaya: Legend or Lie?

César Manrique’s devil sculptures greet hundreds of thousands of visitors to Timanfaya each year, but is there a tragic story behind the prancing demon with the pitchfork?

César’s Palace

César Manrique's genius can be seen all over Lanzarote, but you won't get a full idea of the immense vision and enchanting character of the man himself until you visit the Taro de Tahiche, the astonishing home he built in the bubbles and tunnels of a volcanic lava flow.

La Palma’s long ordeal

More than one month after the first fissure opened, belching out molten lava, ash and smoke, the volcano on La Palma has continued to erupt, with some of the strongest earthquakes being experienced recently.

Festival of Light

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals of the year in India, a time to celebrate new beginnings and rejoice in a sea of candlelight.

Do it locally!

If there's one person who enjoyed the coronavirus crisis, it's Jeff Bezos. The Amazon owner has seen the value of his company shoot up, as people do their shopping online.

Your Coffee Guide

Coffee is big-business, and coffee chains such as Starbucks have taken over the world - all apart from Spain, where local bars are still far more popular than the big multinationals. Here's how to buy and order coffee on Lanzarote. Buying…